To contact the boutique, please email: info.mountainrose@gmail.com

Why is my package sometimes shipped from Utah or Oregon?
I've been able to expand my boutique and get a warehouse based in Utah AND Oregon which is a huge fashion hub, close to LA, Vegas, etc. This is just ONE of my vendors 😍 I will be able to bring you styles and fashion items you won't find locally, BUT are trendy and in style! The items will ship straight from my warehouse right to your door so it's super fast shipping and no middle man, you'll love how quick you'll get these items! You'll have 50+ new releases to shop from every week.
It is MY warehouse, MY shipping team, MY customer service team- I am not a rep of any company nor an MLM company. I’m just like every boutique you shop at! 💕

I’m scared of ordering online. How will I know the clothing fits me?
On EVERY clothing item I post, I always include the type of fit (loose fitting, relaxed fit, fits small, true to size, etc.) so that you can compare this to the regular size you wear! 💗
ALSO, I will include the models measurements and what size they are wearing so you can get a better idea of how the clothing fits!

Why do you do releases every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and not just post when you get new items?
I’m starting to get so much inventory that I truly believe doing releases on Tuesday and Thursday will keep our boutique more organized AND give you all something to always look forward to!

What happens when items are out of stock completely or out of stock in my size?
I get alerts through my website as soon as something is out of stock, whether it be directly from my stock at my boutique or the warehouse in Utah or Oregon. I start working immediately on getting that item in stock if I know customers are interested! You can also sign up for a notification when that item comes back in stock!

Are we allowed to suggest items to you to add to the boutique?
ABSOLUTELY! It’s not a guarantee that I will, but I WILL start searching to see if I can find it and prices and all of that!

How fast is shipping?

It takes about 1 day to process your order and it is shipped the next day (During Monday-Friday). It should then take 2-4 business days to get to you!

May I return an item?

Absolutely! See our return policy at the bottom of the website!