Do You Want to be a Brand Rep?

Hi friend! I am so excited you are here and excited to want to be a brand rep for Mountain Rose & Co. This boutique is my baby and I have poured everything into it. So for you to even want to wear and rep our clothes, is a HUGE honor!

I am going to pick pretty randomly. I am not going to pick people that I am friends with (well I might if their name is chosen from the generator lol!!) but what I am trying to say, is everyone has a fair chance!

The Basics:

  1. If chosen, you will be given a brand rep code for 30% off. (this cannot be used for family members or friends. This is strictly a code for you.)
  2. You will also be given a separate referral code that you can give your friends for 10% off.
  3. You will be a brand rep for one month! You can apply as many times as you want though :)
  4. There will also be a competition! For the brand rep that has the most of their separate code used, will win a free outfit from the boutique! What that means is that you will be given a code (i.e. MARGARET10) and when you share the boutique on your social media, you will let you friends and followers know that they they can use this code for a discount from the boutique!

If Chosen,

  1. The requirement is to post AT LEAST twice a week on your social media platforms. It can either be sharing something from the business page or showing off your own selfie in clothes from the boutique!
  2. Make sure to share your discount code (the one for 10% off) so that you can get as many of those used to win a free outfit!
  3. Please tag the boutique in each post you make. I will be hiring someone to make sure the posting is happening. Totally don't mean to be a Debby downer, but I have had reps in the past that buy the clothes that are discounted and do not post at all. So just trying to make sure that it is happening :)
  4. That's it!

I will be putting everyone in a group message on FB for the month, that way it is easier to ask questions and all of that fun stuff! I will not bombard you with messages or anything like that!

All of this is subject to change. As I gain more experience with being a boutique owner, I realize what works and what doesn't or even what just needs tweaking. I appreciate you for understanding! :)

----> To apply, click here. <------

Thank you friends! I am so excited for the direction that the boutique is going. I am so excited to have you on this journey with me!

 Thank you again! I love and appreciate you!

Margaret, xoxo